Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My journey through the BAPP course: Final Presentation

My BAPP course has given me many things, both personaly and professionaly. I am now ready to continue progressing in my field and keep applying everything I have learned from the course in my professional practice but also in my everyday life!
I am looking forward to tomorrow's presentation, here is the link to my presentation below

Good luck everyone!

Monday, 6 January 2014

TV experience

Two weeks ago I had the previllage of being filmed in the last TV episode of 'The Kumars' in ITV studios!! I was one of the dancers in a music number in the show.

This was one of the best, if not the best experience in my career so far! I booked this job through my Bollywood Company. This is a company I found out through a friend that I worked with in a show last summer. (How far can networking get you in this business?!)

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! They even offered food and drinks to us. What really impressed me was how many floors and long corridors where in the building; I could have easily got lost If I didn't have a crue member with me at all times!

The first thing we did was to be taken in for hair and make up. Then we were ready to go on set to do a short scene with the actors of the show. It was so lovely meeting all the actors the director and the rest of the crue. Everyone was so professional and all the cameras and lights where incredible!
The next thing we did was to start rehearsing on set. We marked our places and our moves with the singer that we would be accompanying and we went through the number a couple of times to assure that everything will run smoothly during the show.
After our rehearsal we went back to the hair and make up department for touch ups and guess who was there?? Twiggy! The same day our show was being filmed they were filming 'Text Santa'; a charity show where lots of celebrities appear to help donate funds for charities. It was incredible, everywhere we walked we could see celebrities! I even saw Olly Murs and the McFly!
After hours of waiting in our dressing room we were ready to go on stage in front of 400 people!

I loved every minute of this experience and I'm so glad that I was part of such an amazing show!

Make sure you tune in on Sky1 on the 15th of January to watch us!! 

Presenter for the Urban Music Awards

Some time ago I applied for a job through 'Star Now' which was displayed as; ' 'Living statue' for the Urban Music Awards in London.' There wasn't  a specific payment displayed but in the application it was said; 'Payment to be confirmed'.
I decided to apply because the job seemed to be high profiled. Basically, the description of the casting mentioned that I would be seeing lots of celebrities and I would be able to interact with them! I would also be seeing the Music Awards show live! Why would I say no to such a big opportunity?

The following week the casting manager contacted me  in order to arrange a time slot regarding my audition. When I went to the casting the first thing I've noticed was the professional look of the company and the friendly way they welcomed me in the office.

I was asked several questions regarding my experience and skills. I was very confident and I presented myself well. I didn't ask any questions regarding my payment because I didn't want the casting panel to think that I cared more about the money than the opportunity.

A couple of days after our meeting, the Manager contacted me and informed me that he was glad to offer me the job but he had some better news for me. He said that whilst searching my Casting profile he noticed how talented and skilled I am and instead of offering me the position of the 'living statue', he wanted to offer me the position of the presenter in the Award ceremony! He mentioned how professional I was during the casting and he felt privileged to offer me this alternative job.
My reply was positive but I said to him that I've never interviewed anyone professionally before, let alone celebrities. He then explained that he will help me out and he reassured me that I will be fine. (He is a well known song-writer and presenter)

I did very well at the job and I also had a great time watching and partying at the awards.
I didn't get paid in the end but it was a great exposure. The only down side of the job was that it wasn't organised very well; at the end of the show members of the management had to clean up the venue and although the manager said that he would cover my travel expenses he didn't.

Through this experience I learnt not to hesitate to ask questions regarding the job and to also do my research regarding the casting director and the company. It was nice going for such a small position  and ending up being booked for one of the most important positions of such a big show.      

Tuesday, 10 December 2013


The idea for my Artefact came through my literature research. As I was researching the subject 'Audition preparation for performers' at the 'Summon' website; an article came up which navigated me to this website

I then thought that we as performers in the UK don't have a specific site that includes all the information that we need in order to succeed in the Business. Most sites are missing important info and in order to find it we have to navigate to several sites. This is very inconvenient for us as we have very busy lifestyles; we don't have the time to search through multiple websites in order to find the information that we need, so I had this idea of designing a Website which will include:

  • Audition Preparation Advice from Professionals*
  • Advice on how to sell yourself in the Business (ie CV preparation, Web design, Showreel etc)
  • How to Prepare for the real world after Graduation (ie How to find the right Agent for you)
  • How to Network
  • How to have a long term career without part time jobs
  • How to keep on top of the game without having to spend a fortune for classes
  • One to One Discussions with Professionals 
  • List of Companies etc that Performers should avoid working for in the future
  • Up to date Articles/News about the Industry
  • Seminars, Audition Workshops with Experts from the Field
  • Interviews with Professionals
  • Advice on how to approach Casting Sites
And  many more...

My goal is to design this Website in a way that looks as clear and easy to access as possible. I also want every performer to be approached individually regarding their question, problem or concern.
In other words this will be a place where Professionals from the Performing Arts Industry can use to Network, Find specific and valid Information from Experts and Get Advice from Professionals.
A small fee will apply in order to use the website, this is because In order to give away valuable and important information from Experts inside the field, it requires some funds.   

* Industry Professionals who are either ex performers in the Musical Theatre, Commercial or Film/Theatre Industry, Agents, Directors, Current Experienced Performers who will be selected prior depending on their backround including training, credits, years of experience and some other factors not specified yet.

Do you have any thoughts or advice about my Artefact?

Sandra Bullock Defies ‘Gravity’ (and What She Knew About Acting)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Don't give up the day job - how artists make a living 'The Guardian-article'

This is a very interesting article about each of us that's trying to make a living as an artist.
It discusses how essential is a part time job for an artist and how it can affect your career.
Can you have a family as well as a career? Unpaid work- the elephant in the room.
At least two-thirds of actors are out of work at any time, according to the most recent survey by performers' union Equity.
What are the official numbers of what an artist earns?

Reading this article made me question if I made the right choice entering this career; but performing is what makes me truly happy, just because I'm not a doctor or a banker doesn't mean I can't make a living out of it. This is what my inquiry will be focused on. How can we as artist have a stable, successful career in the Performing Arts, that we can make a living out of it without having to do part time jobs.